Step 1: Start Shopping

All shopping is done on the Internet through the Employee Store web site. Links are provided to all the manufacturers from whom you have access to purchase. Click on the name of the desired manufacturer and the link will automatically take you to their home page. There will be no pricing on the Internet. These links will allow you to shop for product information only, such as model number, dimensions, fabric or finish. We must have this information before we can quote you a price.

These links have been designed by, and are maintained by the various manufacturers and distributors. The Employee Store makes no claims for their accuracy or content. Each link will open in a new browser window. Some manufacturers' web sites will provide more information than others and some may still be "under construction" so please check back often.

This program is offered to the employees of Caesars Entertainment and is not available to the general public. Therefore, a certain level of security is required to protect our participating vendors. You must enter your location code to access our vendors and begin shopping.

All pricing information you receive from the Employee Store is strictly confidential. We have no affiliation with retail stores, only the individual manufacturers. Please do not share this confidential pricing information with local retailers. If retailers complain to our manufacturers about our benefit, we risk losing these privileges altogether. Please have courtesy and respect for your coworkers.

If you do not know your location code, please e-mail

My location code:

I have read and understood the above regarding the use of the following web links, and I also understand that all pricing and information I receive from the Employee Store is strictly confidential.

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