Step 5: Frequently Asked Questions & Important Information

Who is eligible to use this benefit?
All employees with an access code from their employer are eligible. Contracted employees or employees on approved leave of absence from the company are also authorized to use the services of the Employee Store.

Does the Employee Store have a showroom?
The Employee Store is not a "store" as people often think of a retail store. Rather, the Employee Store is just a purchasing service. Our "showroom" consists of web sites and catalogs.

What if I see the items I want to purchase in a retail store?
This web site has been provided for your convenience, so we do not recommend shopping for product information in retail stores. If however, you are in a retail store, please use common sense and courtesy. Salespeople at these stores generally work on commission and every item you order through the Employee Store is an item that one of your local retailers will not be selling to you. Please remember that the Employee Store is just one customer to the home furnishings industry. If retailers complain about our benefit, manufacturers may decide to discontinue sales to the Employee Store. This only hurts you and your fellow employees.

How much will I save?
Most retail stores add a large mark-up to the price of the merchandise they sell. Every store across the country will have a different mark up as well. You may save a substantial part of this mark up when you order through the Employee Store. The prices available through the Employee Store are preset at the Employee Store's wholesale cost, plus 17 percent, and shipping or handling charges. The average savings you will see ranges between 30-50% off retail.

You will not save as much on items that are more aggressively sold through discount retailers, such as appliances & electronics. The Employee Store may not always be the best price around.

How long does it take?
Since all items ship direct from the factory, your items may or may not be in stock. On average, if items are in stock it is an estimated 3-4 weeks for delivery. If items are not in stock it may take up to 8 weeks, and custom orders may even take up to 12 weeks. Smaller items that may ship U.P.S. may take only a week to 10 days to arrive. The Employee Store will let you know in advance your projected delivery date.

Please note: merchandise production is estimated by the manufacturer, and shipping dates are estimated by the freight carrier. There is no guarantee of either date. In addition, while there are no individual minimums that apply to your order, there are factory minimums that could apply for shipping due to the requirements of full truck loads. This may or may not affect your order. The Employee Store will try to expedite all orders in this situation and keep you apprised.

Can I cancel or return my items?
All sales are final! Please make your selections carefully. Once you order an item, it is yours. You may cancel an order if it has not yet left the factory, but restocking and cancellation fees may apply. Click here for our Refund Policy.

Installer Information:
You are responsible for installing the merchandise purchased through the Employee Store. Depending on where you live, and the service needed, the Employee Store may be able to give you a referral to an installer in your local area. However, all agreements are between the employee and the individual installer. All referrals are given with the understanding that the Employee Store is not responsible for, and does not warrant, the services provided by any installer.

Please make sure the installer you choose is licensed, bonded and insured.

Special Flooring Tips:
When purchasing wood floor, industry standards permit a defect tolerance of 5%. This may be manufacturing and/or natural defect. Please factor this allowance into your measurements before you place your order. It's advised to have your installer give you the quantity you need to order.

The Employee Store is a service contracted through August, Inc., an independent company, who serves as a purchasing agent for you. The arrangement is subject to modification or termination. All purchase agreements are between the employee and the manufacturer. All purchases are made with the understanding that neither August, Inc., nor your employer, nor any of its subsidiaries warrant any product, or have any liability for any damages or injuries resulting from the purchase or use of any product.

The purchase of merchandise for resale is strictly forbidden.

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