Step 2: Contact the Employee Store for Pricing

Once you have selected an item you may be interested in purchasing, contact the Employee Store with the specific product information. We must have the manufacturer's name, model number, and finish before we can quote you a price. The dimensions are helpful but not required. For upholstered items, we will also need specific fabric numbers.

Please Note: the color variation of a fabric or finish may be tricky on the Internet. If you are not sure on a color variation, it may be possible for the Employee Store to obtain a sample to send to you to help you make your decision. All samples must be paid for in advance and will be subject to the imposed costs of each specific manufacturer. This can vary from $20.00 to $50.00 per fabric/leather pack. There will also be shipping fees involved. You can obtain a quote for samples by emailing the storekeeper.

Upon return of the samples you will receive a credit of the amount paid (less the shipping fees) to be used towards the order. If no order is placed, there is no refund and or credit.

Here's how to contact us for a price quote:

We ask that you allow 48 to 72 hours for a response when requesting a price quote from the Employee Store. Some price quotes may take longer, depending on the specific manufacturer.

Other methods of obtaining a price quote:

  • Via phone: 901-310-0210 (only if you do not have email/internet access)
  • Via fax: 702-407-6040 (only if you do not have email/internet access)
  • Via mail: (slowest response time)
    August, Inc.
    Attn: Employee Store
    P.O. Box 261
    Oakland, TN 38060-0261

Due to the tremendous amount of inquiries we are receiving on a daily basis, we must start prioritizing the pricing requests. We ask that you please request pricing only on items you are seriously thinking about purchasing through the Employee Store. Window-shopping for numerous items/collections is considerably slowing down the quoting process and our response time.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Note about e-mail: Many Internet Service Providers today provide junk mail filters to fight SPAM. To prevent Employee Store quotes and correspondence from being filtered, you may need to "allow" or flag as a "safe domain" the following e-mail addresses:


Again, please remember that all pricing information you receive from the Employee Store is strictly confidential.

The Employee Store is owned and operated by August, Inc., an independent company with it's corporate office based in Oakland, TN.

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